We are among the leading construction companies , renowned for our well-recognized capacity to deliver projects on time and on budget with excellent quality and for our large fleet of equipment and plants. We bring our experience to a wide range of industries, include industrial, residential, manufacturing, wellness, retail, hospitality and mixed-use offices.We provide requisite manpower, materials, machinery, equipment, temporary services and facilities by the use of suppliers, distributors and our technical teams to achieve the construction of a project.

  • Administration of Programs
  • Services for Building
  • Execution of Building
  • Services for Construction
  • The Commissioning & Switch Over
  • Renovation
  • Interior design and Fit-out
  • Services for Vehicles, Tools & Fleet
  • Structural Improvement, Conservation and Repair


With a significant presence in the building and construction sector, a critical bridgehead to our growing markets is project management. Our technical expertise continues to be broadened and deepened, offering end-to-end solutions, including research, guidance and planning. Our technical services range from advisory and planning to programme engineering and manufacturing.We include detailed planning, project and building management services.

  • Administration of Programs
  • Control of Building
  • Tech Resources
  • Planning for
  • Consulting
  • Control and Facilities


Carlyle-Construction is honored to be the first consulting firm to provide a full range of pre-construction services in The country. The services rendered by Carlyle-Construction are parallel to none, with more than 25 years of industry experience. Our primary objective is to maximise customers’ return on investment by delivering the perfect solutions customised explicitly and specifically for each project.Carlyle-Construction claims that a project’s progress is vital to the efforts put forward in years covering up to the start of construction. The decisions taken during the construction process will substantially save our customers effort / expense when pre-construction services are introduced.A full detailed plan planned and clarified by our seasoned and trained experts, along with complete feasibility and market analysis by our team, will be given to our customers. It is during well before that the plan is established and it is implemented during construction.